The group

The group consists of artists who live within an approximate 20 mile radius of each other in South West Wales. They are all professional creatives who work using a range of mediums, such as sculpture, printmaking, or assemblage.

 The name

In June 2012, a small group of artists were invited to show their work in The Riverside Centre at Glantawe Riverside Park near Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley (This fascinating building is vaguely reminiscent of the church at Ronchamp by Le Corbusier). This show was called, ’ Larger Artworks by Local Artists.’ Later, in the Autumn of 2012, the same group of artists had another, larger exhibition at the Lliw Gallery in the Pontardawe Arts Centre located in the Swansea Valley. This exhibition was called ‘Even Larger Artworks’, and consisted of range of paintings and some assemblage pieces.  It was then suggested that the artists form an official arts group and they  called it the Blue Orchard Art Group. Blue Orchard (or Berllan Las in Welsh) is the house name of founding member Hilary Bryanston. Using the house name was suggested by local poet Glyn Roberts.


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